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18MO & 2 Year Programs

3rd Street Dance 

Big dreams start here!

3rd Street Dance’s toddler classes are designed to enhance gross motor coordination, listening skills, musicality, and nurture imagination. Each class includes developmentally appropriate instruction through the use of music and dance. Dancers have on-stage performance opportunities in our Holiday Showcase in December, and the annual Spring Recital in June (date TBA). We are excited to provide you with our tech-enabled studios. All classes are available in the studio and via live stream to your home(by request).

  • ★ 18mo & 2-Year-Olds
    A caretaker and child class that encourages children to love learning. This fun, energetic class for parents and their young toddlers focuses on gross motor skills and musicality. Children will learn how to participate in a group and take direction from a teacher through movement, music, and dance! A great way to prepare your child for a class on their own, Mini Movers Class Day & Hours for 18mo & 2 Years: Tuesday: 10:00-10:30 am Thursday: 6:45-7:15 pm Saturday: 8:45-9:15 am ___________________________________________________________ This class is designed to give confidence to our youngest dancers, the terrific toddlers. By using music, props, activities and dance, we will encourage the development of basic motor skills, listening skills and enhance our student’s imagination. Class Day & Hours for 2 Years Only: Tuesday: 9:30-10:00 am Saturday: 9:15-9:45 am
1 and 2 years kids programs
Dance Camp

For all 18 months to Preschool students

Dress Code

  • Leotard: Any Color

  • Tights: Capezio Ballet Pink

  • Shoes: Pink Ballet for Mini Movers, Tippy Toes, and Tutus for Tots. Black Patten Tap for Tiny Tappers.

This channel is coming soon!
Pink Bubbles


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