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Levels I, II, III, IIIB, & IV

Dress Code

For Levels I, II, III, IV & V

Dress Code for Ladies

  • Black leotard with pink tights for all Ballet Classes.

  • Solid colored leotard or tight-fitting athletic shirt for all classes except Ballet. Hip-Hop: no bare midriff, please.

  • Capezio Ballet Pink Tights for all Ballet Classes.

  • Tight-fitting jazz/yoga pants or Capezio caramel tights with jazz shorts or tight-fitting boy cut shorts for all classes except Ballet.

  • Modern: Please buy stirrup, transition, or footless tights. Shoes: Capezio Foot Undeez.

  • Black "Converse" style low top gym shoes for Hip-Hop.

  • Pink Ballet shoes for Ballet.

  • Nude Capezio Pirouettes I or II for Lyrical. Acro: No shoes.

  • Caramel Jazz Shoes for Jazz and other Specialty Classes.

  • Hair in a bun for all technique and specialty classes, except ponytail for Hip-Hop.

  • Absolutely NO baggy t-shirts or shorts in any class.

Dress Code for Guy's

  • Shorts or comfortable sweat pants and a t-shirt with Black "Converse" style low top gym shoes for Guys Only Hip-Hop.

  • Tight-fitting pants or shorts, a solid color tight-fitting dry-fit shirt, and black Ballet shoes or Black Jazz shoes for all other classes.

  • Black Tap Shoes for Tap and Capezio Foot Undeez for Modern.

First Day of Class
70 Unstoppable Solo
15 Tiny Tappers - Move Your Feet
07 Tippy Toes Butterfly Fly Away
06 Budding Ballet Send It On
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