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Safer Studio
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At 3rd Street Dance, we aim to help our students achieve excellence in DANCE & LIFE. That is our 3rd Street Dance & More Than Just Great Dancing® philosophy and at this time in history, that's more important than ever before!


Dance meets imperative students needs for community, socialization, friendship, mentors, physical activity, and more! The benefits of dance include, but are not limited to: intellectual, academic, social-emotional, and physical support.


At 3rd Street Dance, the health and safety of our students, staff, guests, and families have always been our highest priority; a commitment that has been heightened at this time. We utilize the Safer Studio Guidelines and became Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD) certified to fulfill the commitment of keeping our students healthy and safe. We also have used local and national guidelines to inform us of the best practices for services in the coming season.

We have also expanded our services to meet student needs by offering "3 Ways to Dance":

  • Traditional Classes (dancers will be socially distanced at all times)

  • Hybrid Classes (all classes are available online at the same time we are dancing in the studio)

  • Private Lessons (available in studio or online)


New this year... We are offering our Star Leadership Training program to our students grades 3-5. This class curriculum is based on the character values of Trust, Service, Love, Excellence, and Growth. Check our schedule for this awesome class.

3rd Street Dance focuses on a hierarchy of measures to create a Safer Studio™ environment beginning with requiring students and staff who are ill to stay home, followed by frequent hand cleansing and good hygiene practices, amplified cleaning, and making curricular and facility adaptions to minimize contact and mingling.



From your child’s first dance class to their graduation performance, 3rd Street Dance has a class for everyone! We specialize in classes for all ages starting at 18 months through adult taught by caring skilled teachers in a positive environment

3rd Street Dance has built a reputation for excellence in dance instruction. We delight in your child's progress and performances! Our costumes and choreography are always age-appropriate and your child's safety and wellness has always been our highest priority.


Know our


Ballet is the cornerstone of all dance styles. These classes focus on classical ballet technique, teaching body placement and alignment. Students will also develop strength, flexibility, grace, poise, balance and musicality. We work on movement quality, coordination, and artistic control of the body.


The rhythm and movement of tap, created by the metal taps on the heels and toes of a dancer’s shoes, transforms the dancer into a percussive musician. Tap dance emphasizes the flow of movement by teaching the dancer to find rhythms and beats not only in music but in their own bodies.


Jazz is rhythmic stylized dance that is fun and energetic. Classes study technique, while learning leaps, turns and jumps. Jazz classes build strength stamina and flexibility while focusing on proper posture, placement. Students in jazz classes will start to incorporate style into their movements.


Hip Hop is a contemporary form of jazz, focusing on conditioning, precision, and urban style. This is a fun and high energy form of dance that has grown in popularity. Students will explore the freedom of movement as well as develop rhythm, musicality and coordination. Age appropriate music is always chosen for this class.


Lyrical dance combines ballet and jazz techniques together in an expressive manner that incorporates control and complete body awareness. Lyrical is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz.


Modern dance focuses on moving from within. Our classes are designed to build strength and flexibility of the lower spine and pelvis while teaching the dancer to move freely with their body.





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3rd Street Dance is more than a dance studio - it’s a special place that teaches life lessons and values kindness. While my daughter's technique has grown, she has also learned how a positive mindset can contribute to being a successful dancer. Her teachers take the time to understand her individually and have supported her in a way that has helped her take risks, build confidence, and learn that with the right attitude, hard work can pay off. My daughter has learned the importance of teamwork when she and her classmates support, encourage, and achieve together. 3rd Street has also given my daughter opportunities to show compassion by serving the community. 3rd Street Dance is a studio that feels like home.

 Kim Borri, daughter Alivia, age 13


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